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Riding4Adventure: The Fin… er… Just Another Chapter

Riding4Adventure: The Fin… er… Just Another Chapter

I can't thank Julio enough for everything he has done to get my bike home.

Suri and I arrived in Santiago with a clear deadline of two weeks — a line in the sand, of sorts — and a set of tasks.  Shipping the bike was made easy by D&D Cargo, so once I made the initial arrangements with Julio over the phone I was able to forget about it and concentrate on Suri’s travel, which proved to be more challenging.  Suri and I have been inseparable throughout the adventure, so I was mortified by the thought of having to send her with the luggage.  I measured and remeasured, and after telling her over and over to stop sucking in her stomach, it appeared as though Suri would barely fit in the pet carrying bag needed to take her in the cabin.  Unfortunately all I had to go by were the bag measurements provided by the airline.  We were yet to try a real bag.  We scoured Santiago’s pet stores and could not find the right configuration.  Bags were either too short or too wide and none were airline approved.  As I usually do when in a pickle — you guessed it — I called Karie.  She suggested I talk to people with pets, see what they have to say about travel!  Maybe one of them would know where to get the bag.  I wanted a more actionable suggestion, but this would have to do for now.

Suri keeps guard while Julio handles the bike disassembly.

I'm smiling but inside am also crying.

Suri is not happy about not being able to get in her box and ride the bike.

It's done.  The bike is going home.

Pamela hanging out with Suri.

I decided to take a break from the pet carrying bag task to concentrate on Suri’s permits, which would need to get done no matter what.  First thing Monday morning, armed with Suri’s health certificate, I headed to Chile’s Servicio Ganadero y Agricola (SAG) to get her export papers.  There was a long line, which sort of ticked me off… I mean, what were all these people doing here?  It seemed everyone was traveling with their pet.  Then the video monitor in my head showed Karie raising her eyebrows, saying, “Go on, talk to people… one of them has to know.”  Well, once again her advice paid off tremendously.  Not only did I find someone who knew about traveling with pets; she’s actually an authority on the subject and owns a company called Faunimals that provides everything — from supplies and materials (like carrying bags and foods) to processing services (like health certificates and export permits).  Pamela is passionate about animals and spent many years managing shelters/sanctuaries, and her passion is reflected in the quality of her work.  Thanks to Pamela, Suri will be traveling with me in the cabin.  Both Suri and I were relieved.  

We were lucky to have Pamela on the team!

Mikel suggested we take another ride once the logistics were handled, and I’m glad he did.  We went on a couple of runs out of Santiago.  On the first day we went to Valle Nevado and on the second day we went to Cajon de Maipu.  We had a great time.

First stop on our way to Valle Nevado.

Mikel loves the outdoors "this much!"

When you hang out with Mikel, you're either learning or laughing.

Suri and I contemplate what we've done and the adventures yet to come.

"Suri, no!  That would not be funny.  You're not giving him a shove!"

We made it to Valle Nevado.

Meanwhile in La Serena, Catalina has done wonders with Matty.  Here's a quick video showcasing her skills! 

Sunshine continues to improve and is ready for travel.  We're waiting on Jorge Luis's and Adri's visa, so we can expect Sunshine to be home sometime in May 2017.  This summer the whole family will be together.  Wish us luck!

Sunshine doing her physical therapy.  She's a champ!

Rolling into BA

Rolling into BA

Head'n North, But  First

Head'n North, But First