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A Lot of People Are Talking About Suri

A Lot of People Are Talking About Suri

A lot of people have been talking about me.  Some are saying that I'm an awesome dog, but most… actually, just about all of them are saying that I might be the best dog.  Ever.  Look, I'm just repeating what a lot of people are saying.  Anyway, I think it's time I say something.

This is me digging for a chicken bone.

I'm not one to judge, but the people who dumped me on the side of the road suck.  As you might have seen in the many, many pictures that Omar and Russ have been posting on the world wide interweb, I'm a beautiful dog.  I'm also very smart and have a million dollar nose.  I can find food in the most recondite places on earth.  How do you think I survived?  I once dug a chicken bone from the Atacama desert.  Omar thought it was funny to watch me dig, until he saw me run with the chicken bone.  Anyway, these folks run a puppy mill but once we reach a certain age and no one is buying, they toss us out to die.  If I had fingers, I'd be giving them the middle one right now.

That's me giving puppy mills the middle finger

I was making a food run at the usual spots when I saw these two goofballs.  I was running on an empty belly and had forgotten my glasses so I couldn't hear so good, so I ran right under the wheels of a massive truck.  Luckily I slipped right between the wheels and came out the other side in one piece, though had I been wearing pants I would have needed a change.  That's when Omar saw me and tried to grab me.  I didn't know the guy from Adam, so I made a run for it and hid in an abandoned building.  Previous run-ins with humans had left me hurt, so I didn't want to chance it.  Omar left me some food and water, so I guessed he might be OK, though maybe he was just trying to snatch me so he could start his own puppy mill operation.  You know how I feel about those folks.

Omar kept coming around, so I figured he was a safe bet.  He gently put me in a mobil home, which was quite comfortable and I got the best sleep I'd had in ever.  When I woke up I was in some vet's office getting prodded in every which way.  Anyway, you've probably heard the story a thousand times.  Omar does that.  He forgets and tells the same story again and again to those who have already heard it.  Anyway, now I'm traveling throughout South America and having a great time.  But what I really want is to get to my furever home in Portland. 

Jorge Luis and Adri, from Le Peluts, made me all better and got me travel ready.

More shots?  Bring it.

I love my mobil home.  Best.  Sleep.  Ever.

This is traveling in style.

Omar and I get along great.  He does what I say and everything will be just fine.

I will share some of the highlights from our adventures on here!  Until next time.

The end of the road, literally.

The end of the road, literally.

Heading South to the End of the World.

Heading South to the End of the World.