Welcome to our blog.  We are documenting our motorcycle adventures throughout Central and South America. Hope you have a nice stay!

Getting To Our Starting Point - Portland

Saturday, October 8th was my birthday and also the day I left Scottsdale for Portland.

Before I got underway my friend Franco stopped by to wish me a bon voyage and take a couple of pictures with me on my fully loaded bike. Next, I stopped by a café in the north Phoenix metro area to have breakfast with my stepson, Alex. After a hardy breakfast of donuts and eggs, I was off on my three-day ride to Portland.

For the most part the ride to Oregon was just what you would expect and uneventful. However, along the way I did meet several people who, upon seeing my fully loaded motorcycle, asked where I was headed. I told them that I was going to Portland to meet Omar, and then the two of us were off on our motorcycles to the southernmost tip of South America, Tierra del Fuego. Such a lengthy ride must have peeked their adventurous spirits. They wanted to hear more about our plans, what countries we would pass through, how long it would take and if it was safe. I talked with two guys at a Starbucks in Tehachapi, a waiter at a restaurant on the way to Sacramento, and couple at a gas station south of Redding.

My stay in Redding was at an AirBNB I reserved that morning. Since this was my first experience with AirBNB, I really didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. I stayed at Alayna’s house in Redding, which was super nice. Hope she doesn’t mind the plug, but she was really great to accommodate my arrival and early morning departure schedules.

The final leg of my ride to Portland took me around Mount Shasta on I5. That portion of the ride was noticeably colder than I had experienced in central California, which resulted in me stopping a few more times for coffee and to warm up. At the Starbucks in Medford I met Tom and his sister Linda who also inquired about our adventures to South America. If Tom hadn’t been in recovery mode from a foot problem, he might have got on his bike and joined us.


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Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

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