By the time I finished Oregon I was starting to feel emotionally drained, wondering how I would muster the mental energy to complete my journey in search of the perfect Canadian beer.


Within 30 miles of arriving at Dunsmuir it was apparent that there was a very large fire burning in the vicinity.

What Should I Do?

Over 90% of the surface was covered in snow and ice, and the snow was several feet deep. Not being an expert mountaineer in these winter conditions…

Life Won't Wait

Not exactly sure why someone had written this in chalk on the sidewalk, but it seemed to perfectly capture my reasons for travelling this past year. 

Prudhoe Bay and the Infamous Dalton Highway — The 9 Essential Tips to Get You There and Back in One Piece

According to Dalton Highway lore, rogue truckers have outfitted their wheels with spikes and run motorcyclists off the road for sport.  The highway is constantly being resurfaced with gravel, sand, and, in some areas, nails and spikes of varying sizes specially designed to shred tires.  And on rainy days, the mud is so deep that it’s rumored to swallow rider and motorcycle whole.