About Us

Omar Ordonez

I’m a Honduras native living and working in Portland, Oregon as a project management consultant. I'm taking a year off to explore Central and South America on my motorcycle.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

Russ Becker

Although Omar continues to believe I am a space alien, I'm actually from planet earth, retired and living in Arizona. Adventures include two treks in Bhutan, and hiking the John Muir Trail in the High Sierras with my good friends Omar and Phurba. More recently, September of 2016, I completed a trek of the Colorado Trail (Denver to Durango). Again, Omar joined for the final 80 miles to Durango.

Feeling an urge to get moving again, Omar and I are now on a year long motorcycle journey through Central and South America. Our goal is to reach Tierra Del Fuego by February of 2017 and touch the southernmost tip of South America.

Take inspiration from us, challenge yourself and live life to the fullest. Please leave a comment/question or follow us on social media!


I’m an Ecuador native who was abandoned as a puppy in a remote highway around the Ingapirca ruins.  I jumped into incoming traffic to get these motorcyclists' attention and the stunt paid off.  I'm now part of the Riding4Adventure crew (I have the shirt to prove it) and can't wait to reach my furever home in Portland, Oregon.